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8 Nomination
Usher Cup
10 Nomination
Front Pin Cup
Fricker Cup


Meetings are at Wesley Road Club usually in the upstairs Committee room (unless otherwise specified on arrival) and start at 8.00pm (except AGM 7.45pm)

Please note: Attendance by a team representative at each of the above meetings is mandatory - non-representation will incur a fine of £10 per meeting & 2 point deduction. Please also note that it is required that you remain for the whole meeting, a roll-call will be called after the meeting to ensure this happens.


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Meetings - 2016-2017 Season

Meeting 1. - 8pm Tuesday 16 August 2016 - Start of Season
Meeting 2 - 8pm Tuesday 8 November 2016 - Paying in
Meeting 3. - 8pm Tuesday 7 February 2017 - Paying in
Meeting 4. - 8pm Tuesday 23 May 2017- End of Season
AGM - 19.45pm Thursday 22 June 2017


Officials & Life Members of the League


President M Bell Life Members D Betteridge
Vice Presidents A Diffell   M Butcher
  R Drew   K Brown
  R Gill   R Butt
  T Mortimer   K Dallimore
      R Dalton
      A Diffell
Auditors G Jones   R Drew
  vacant   R Gill
      D Harris
      L Johnson
      T Mortimer
      C Proudman
      F Webb
      D White
      S Wilmott


Executive Committee

Chairman Sergio Polledri
Vice Chairman
Rich Drew 
Treasurer Les Huntley
League Fixtures Secretary Ray Simpson
Cup Fixtures Secretary Mark Hemmings
Statistics, Media & Website Admin Martin Bloomfield

Management Committee

Marcus Gardner Tony Singer
Roy Hillman Roger Smith
Roger Mundy Peter Spong
Julian Pike  

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